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-we believe in the long/short trading strategy, to deliver some returns regardless the market conditions. If you don't know what's a stop loss or a short sale, please study some more and come back later-

-you will not be able to make any good use of this information if your trading account doesn't allow short selling-

-please leave this website if you cannot sell short, or cannot afford to lose your capital, or cannot sleep well at night if your trades are not profitable-

-a margin account is required, and that brings the risk to lose big money, actually more than you would expect to lose. We are NOT suggesting you to open a risky margin account with any broker-

-we simply hate ads, so there's none. We might consider putting a few in the future. There will never be trackers, bots, viruses, cookies, banners, popups, analytics or whatsoever: just pure and simple charts, regularly updated for your convenience without any extra BS-

-the technology we use involves heavy computational power to run the complex deep learning models; training them requires full days and nights. We can't guarantee the regularity of the chart updates. There will be periods as well where the models cannot suggest any favorable trades-

-we don't provide any support, follow-up or comments on the trades: we will be sorry when the model's prediction will not bring a profitable trade, but we will never be there to hold your hand or click any button for you-

-we don't gain from your trades, we don't sell you any product or service, we don't recommend you any service, we don't sell your data-

-we are against unrealistic expectations, and esotic financial products like CFD contracts, stock options, penny stocks, index options, crypto currencies of any sorts, NFTs and so on-

-we don't make any profit from your trades, zero, nothing hidden going on-

-if are you under 18yo, or cannot afford to lose any money: please leave this website immediately!!-

-A not for profit team, working for your profit-

-we don't make any profit, but we hope you will make a profit thanks to our work!

If that's the case, please consider making a small donation to help cover up our expenses-

-we don't sell you a service, so we don't offer customer support. If you want to know how to buy stocks, Google and YouTube might be able to help you!-

-we are aiming at updating the published data weekly, but we are not promising or guaranteeing that in any way-

-we don't speak your language! Google Translate might be able to help you out-

-please beware, we are not suggesting you to trade these products, or guaranteeing you any profit! the information and charts on this website are based on pure speculation, generated from a software studying historical market data. The software can be wrong, and you can probably end up losing money if you trade along! Please don't invest money you can't lose, and don't put us into trouble together with you-

-we are a small team of skilled professional, with vast experience in the following sectors:

Finance, IT and electronics, data science, software development, private banking

We might be able to run an investment firm, but we prefer to just keep this as a hobby for now-